Amazingly Affordable Virtual Assistant Philippines for your Digital Marketing Needs

Go to Hire Pro Virtual Assistants for Amazingly Low Rates of Virtual Assistants Philippines for Digital Marketing

If you want to find a virtual assistant that could help you with your online business and digital marketing, you must find one with practical price rates, but could provide your needs and wants efficiently. This could help you to succeed in your online venture, while spending only a small or minimum amount for VA payments. To find great VA services that could satisfy you for only low rates, visit and browse through our jaw-dropping offers!


Fascinating Services Offered at Hire Pro Virtual Assistants

The Hire Pro Virtual Assistants is a team of virtual assistant Philippines with expertise on various fields to accommodate a wide range of tasks. Taking the fact that virtual assistant Philippines are globally known for our world class services, you can be assured that you are going to avail excellent works from us.


The services from our team are basically categorized into two main field: the Virtual Assistance Services and the Website Services. You can avail packages from virtual assistance services if you have task assignments like search engine optimization, online marketing and web content writing among others. On  the other hand, website services can help you in building your own websites packed with lots of cool features. Both of these services offers packages that you can avail in amazingly low rates which is very beneficial for your online business and digital marketing.


Virtual Assistance Services

If you want us to work for you in certain tasks like web content writing, search engine optimization, online marketing, appointment management and many other stuffs, you can avail our cheaply priced Pre-Paid offers, but with high quality results. Pre-Paid offers are bucket packages you can have which includes hours of works you can consume for 12months. For instance, if you avail our Starter Bucket, you  will have 20hours that we can work for you for just $5 per hour.


Other offers includes the Expert Buckets with 40hours for only $4 per hour. You can also have our Light Bucket with 15hours for only $6 per hour. And you have 12months to consume all of your paid hours with expert virtual assistant Philippines working for you!


Website Services

If you want to have a professionally done website, you can also avail packages from our Website Services. These are offers that includes website creation packed with cool features you can use for your advantage and you don’t have to learn HTML just to use your new site from us!


You can avail from our Starter Website at the cost of only $360 with five pages, $480 for 12 pages and Premium Website for $620 with 20 pages. All of these are packed with two design concepts, cross-browser compatibility, SEO friendly environment, contact forms, Google Map, Social Media Integration and lead generations. You can truly benefit from these offers in Hire Pro Virtual Assistants especially if you have your own online business!


So if you want to have expert Virtual Assistant Philippines to work for you, visit and see our affordable services! We’re ready to help you with your online business and digital marketing needs.


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