Below is our standard rate card for administration work and is provided to give you an indication of cost. We provide a customized quote for each client, depending on their needs.

Pre-Paid Packages

Need some work completed, but on a strict budget? Try our pre-paid options! Pay up front for a bundle of hours, then use them when you need them. The hours are valid for up to 12 months after purchase – never worry about unexpected bills again!

Starter Bucket
20 hours of work
$5 per hour
Expert Bucket
40 hours of work
$4 per hour
Light Bucket
15 hours of work
$6 per hour


If you have consistent and ongoing work, our retainer packages are just the thing you’re after! One set amount per month covers all of our work. Easy to budget for, and only pay for the hours you use*.


  • Any costs incurred, including telephone calls, line rental or specific stationery costs will be added to your bill unless otherwise arranged.
  • Strictly 7 day payment terms – we’re a small business too!